Voca 4.3.1

A simple method of learning vocabulary


  • Website provides good resources and help
  • Linguistically accurate
  • Not limited to language-learning


  • Doesn't make learning more fun, just easier to manage

Not bad

Voca is a program designed to help you learn the vocabulary you’ll need to master a foreign language, or any other area for which you need special terminology.

It provides a way of compiling lists that makes them easy to read and learn, tests your knowledge and even lets you set a final vocabulary test. You can create these vocabulary lists yourself, download them from the Voca website or from 3rd party sites on the internet, although the quality of this last option is never guaranteed.

Voca is obviously designed by a person who knows about language learning. The configuration options center around making the information easy to read and making sure the vocabulary is accurately grammatically identified.

The way you view the vocabulary with Voca can be arranged and filtered by various criteria, something handy for longer lists. There are extensive guides on the Voca website that will help you use the program in the most effective way - learning first, testing smaller sections and then setting finals for yourself.

Unfortunately, Voca doesn't take the hard work out of learning. If you’re a dedicated student, you’re going to like how easy it is to organize and view your lists, as well as the handy testing functions. If you’re not so dedicated, however, you're going to find it hard to learn your lists, because although Voca lends a hand, it’s not going to do any of the hard work for you!

Voca - a flexible tool to learn and test vocabulary and other lists.



Voca 4.3.1

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